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Kids Are Like Frikkin Sponges

Sponge Bob Square Pants making a silly face

I Cant Fucking Curse Anymore!

What the fuck man.
Im a grown ass adult. I should be able to say whatever the fuck i wana say when i wana say it. I should be able to shout out fucks till im blue in the face and out of breath. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck...

That was until i had kids. I have 2 little ones with my wife. A 3 & a 2 yrs old. Boy & girl. And they both know what genders they belong to. They also act like little recording machines.
I have a horrible mouth. My version of english should be illegal. I may not type with many curse words most of the time but when i speak, its a whole nother story.

I was talking to my wife the other day loosely speaking about nonsense like i usually do and from behind, i hear my little girl yelling out "Fooo Sheee". I had just blurted out "Fuck Shit" during my nonsense conversation with my wife in which my little 2 yr old daughter must have been intently listening to.

I quickly turned pleading with her not to say that again. She keeps on. She kept on saying it for the next few weeks.
Now i try to ignore her as it seems like shes singing it in mockery of me.

Moral of the story, watch your mouth in front of your kids. 


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