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Stoneman Strong to Stone Bridges Falling

New pedestrian bride collapses in Sweetwater Miami, FL March 15, 2018

Its hard to maintain a positive outlook when reality plays out like this

Im a Florida resident. Born & Raised. Ive lived mainly in the southern part of Florida. Dade County and somehow worked my way up to Broward where ive been ever since, except for a few times i went elsewhere for a few months or year at a time. Those are stories for other entries.

At the moment, i love in Broward County which is home to Fort Lauderdale not too far from where the Marjory Stoneman Massacre (how the news likes to refer to it) took place. 17 people killed with an assault rifle bought from a Dicks sporting goods store by a 19 yr old psycho path can really leave you uneasy with the world around you.

Seeing the kids react to the tragedy was another feeling. A feeling of pride. Our South Florida youth taking a stand against guns. Deep inside i know its for nothing. There is no way the NRA is going to let their stance down. They control gun stocks and its all about the money. Keep selling guns baby. Raise the gun sales age to 21 and its all good. yeah right.

Then, a pedestrian bridge supposed to last 100 years was built in Sweetwater FL just recently. A small municipality of Miami in Dade County. I went to Sweetwater Elementary as a kid for 1 year or 2. Miami holds the Dade County Youth Fair once a year close to there. Anyone from Miami knows this place.

The purpose of the bridge was to help avoid the many roadside deaths caused by drivers on the busy SW 8 Street rd. The bridge was applauded as the best thing to happen to the area in light of the tragedies caused by the accidents.

Now the bridge has fallen. Many are dead and many more are expected. The entire road is closed as emergency services search for any survivors. The hurt are being taken to the hospital and everyone is hoping for the best in the horrible situation. 

A bystander who saw the collapse says she witnessed a car squashed in half under concrete. A woman got out of the drivers side looking at the back seat screaming. What would you do in a situation like this? 

I offer my deepest and sincerest sympathies go to the families and friends of any victims caught in the collapse.  

Is there hope?


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